Home Office Feedback: Questionnaire Templates

There are currently a number of questions revolving around the topic of home office and telecommuting: Will a right to the home office be introduced? How great is the demand for teleworking jobs on the part of employees and under what conditions is it appropriate for companies to offer home offices? How can a risk assessment of mental stress in the home office be carried out and how can employees’ needs (materials, technical equipment, etc.) be determined?

These and other questions can be answered easily with the help of employee surveys and online questionnaires. Determine cost-effectively which departments tasks could in principle also be performed from the home office, whether the communication channels are suitable for this and whether the technical equipment is available. You can use our questionnaire templates to gather feedback on the topic of home offices. The questionnaire templates can be copied into your own HeyForm account, where they can be adapted, modified, or extended as required. Of course, you can also create your own online questionnaires and conduct surveys.

Questionnaire templates around home office and telecommuting:

Employee survey on the home office option

In order to determine the demand for home office on the part of employees, employee surveys can be used to find out the preferred amount of time and the desired time periods. Online surveys can also be used to determine the need for technical equipment or materials for the home office workplace. To the questionnaire template: Employee survey home office

Executive survey on the home office

Use this template to ask your company’s managers whether and under what conditions home office could be implemented for employees. Determine to what extent remote working can be a supplement to on-site work and what reasons speak against the (part-time) home office. To the questionnaire template: Executive survey home office

Risk assessment: Mental stress in the home office

With this questionnaire template, you can determine the possible mental stress of your employees in the home office. As part of the risk assessment, find out how employees are stressed, what disruptive factors and problems exist, and optimize conditions if necessary.